about Sol Heather Alice Cipher


welcome to mari's system/did acc! if you're following, i trust you a great deal so please don't take advantage of this! not that any of you would! i'm really new to basically everything so patience as i learn more about myself and what i'm a part of would be amazing, and i would appreciate you all a ton!

when interacting plz use the display name and pronouns listed in bio!


  • he/she + 22
  • you guys already know about me but i might use this link for ppl outside of this acc so. could be handy to describe me? lol
  • i really like idol games, and a lot of anime... big fan of classical novels. also like kpop. but im normal i prommy
  • heather

  • she/her + body age? potentially older
  • most frequent fronter (or at least most frequently makes herself known to me)
  • i think she can come off as kind of straightforward/blunt which has weirded people out because i'm very Not but she's otherwise really cool
  • alice

  • she/they + 14-16 i believe
  • alice is really bubbly and has So much energy, my housemate always loves when she's fronting so all this information is from her... she really likes disney and esp alice in wonderland? i think she could be an introject but i'm not sure. she gets emotional kinda easy but she also lets stuff go really quickly

  • he/it + unknown age (wouldn't you like to know?)
  • i will make my own introduction, thank you~! my name is cipher, or affectionately niko, and i am god incarnate. just kidding. or am i? you will never know. my interests include heavy metal, asymmetry, literature, and philosophy.
  • @peachie